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Gary Kunz

Randall Park Museum and the Menge House Museum will be open weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day,
1:00-4:00 PM.  
Or by appointment: 
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Fall Creek Historical Society

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Fall Creek Historical Society

Construction underway Sept 2017
100 years at Fall Creek May 26 2006 09702

The Fall Creek Historical Society was organized in 1974 at a time when the whole country was getting into an "Historical" frame of mind brought on by the American Bicentennial celebration.

In 1976 a small log cabin was built in Randall Park at the corner of Lincoln Avenue (Highway 12) and Liberty Street.  By 1990 the small cabin could no longer hold all the artifacts collected by the group and plans were begun for the erection of a larger building. 

Exhibits in the museum depict scenes from Fall Creek's past, including a dressmaker shop, a photographer's studio, a doctor's office, a store, a church and a school room. The original log cabin houses an old kitchen and laundry room. A special display features Ron Schultz, a long time and much honored football and basketball coach.

Built in historic Randall Park right on Highway 12, the museum houses any items relating to Fall Creek's history, but will be of interest to anyone. A smaller building features old-time kitchen and wash house artifacts.

Menge House

The Menge House is unique in that it is one of three remaining buildings in Fall Creek that were constructed from cement blocks produced by a local company in the early 1900's.  The house has been in the Menge family since about 1904. 

When Owner Bernice Menge died, she willed the home to her two nieces who did not live in the area.  They asked the Fall Creek Historical Society if we were interested in it.  Since we have acquired it, we have made significant repairs and additions to the structure.  The downstairs will be used for exhibits and a research area.  It will be open this year from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

Fall Creek Historical Society Officers:

President:  Gary Kunz
Vice President:  Duane Cance
Secretary:  Karen Mittag
Treasurer:  Lucille Drehmel

Fall Creek Historical Society Board Members:

Yvonne Melville
Dan Mittag
Leonese Smith

Fall Creek Historical Society Members:

Anderson, Roy & Marianne
Backstrom, David
Cance, Duane & Carol
Carter, Arlan & Loretta
Dahl, Tom
Drehmel, Bud & Lucille
Forsythe, Katy
Geske, Gladys
Halvorson, Joanne
Hartmann, Helen
Henke, Bill & Pat
Henrichs, Lee & Darlene
Hurd, Karen
Jolley, James
Jones, Alyson
Kaatz, James
Kaeding, Rachel
Kasten, Margaret
Kromrey, Erick & Lorraine
Kunz, Gary & Opal
Loken, Ellen
Mandehr, Richard & Susan
Melville, Garth
Melville, Yvonne
Mickelson, Steve & Cindy
Mittag, Dan & Karen
Mullenberg, Barb
Nelson, Kim
Page, Harold
Peterson, Sandy
Rapp, Stephanie
Rasmussen, Cindy
Rawson, Timothy
Roberts, Allan & Tanya
Seidling, Neil & Marie
Shafer, Coramarie
Smith, Leonese
Stabenow, Donald
Sorenson, Joanne
Sorenson, Kathryn
Strasburg, Luther
Welin, Elaine
Wilhelm, Joanne
Zimmerman, Arnold

Fall Creek Historical Society Supporters:

Deloye, Jean
Kunz, Gary & Opal
Nystuen, Ardie
Schanen, Joan

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